Bas & The Hics - Smoke From Fire

Bas & The Hics - Smoke From Fire

Artist -  Bas & The Hics

Country - USA

Quality - mp3 OR mp4, 320 kbps

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Quotable Lyrics

Been hearin' a lot of Too High to Riot
They study me like recitals
I'm flattered, I am an idol
That mean I am inspirin' growth, I am beside myself
Spirit is lift from the host
Nigga, this isn't a boast, I have been given the most
Go through my body of work (Mmm)
That's a lot of hours, fears, pride, insomnia workin'
That's true, they might see the dirt true, they gon' see the work too
Don't forget to look up at the stars, my boy
Niggas washed, I can help you with them bars, my boy
Just hit up OakShades, send the check, heard?
I'm the best out, wanna be the best heard
Put my life in a song, tryna get heard
Just to die a hundred times like Westworld, damn

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