Wu-Tang Clan - Method Man & Lyrics

Artist -  Wu-Tang Clan - Method Man

Country - USA

Quality - mp3 OR mp4, 320 kbps

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Wu-Tang Clan - Method Man Lyrics

Yeah, torture motherf**ker what?
(Torture n***a what?)
I'll f**king
I'll f**king tie you to a f**king bedpost
with your a** cheeks spread out and s**t
Put a hanger on a f**king stove and let that s**t sit there
for like a half hour
Take it off and stick it in your a** slow like

Yeah, I'll f**king
Yeah I'll f**king lay your nuts on a f**king dresser
Just your nuts laying on a f**king dresser
And bang them s**ts with a spiked f**king bat
What's up? BLOW!

I'll f**king
I'll f**king pull your f**king tongue out your f**king mouth
and stab the s**t with a rusty screwdriver, BLOW!
I'll f**king

I'll f**king
I'll f**king hang you by your f**king dick
off a f**king twelve sto-story building out this motherf**ker

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