Skooly - Hide My Love

Skooly - Hide My Love

Artist -  Skooly

Country - USA

Quality - mp3 OR mp4, 320 kbps

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Quotable Lyrics

Chophouze on the track
Chophouze on the track

Traumatized inside, feel like a child
It could be a sign
I’m tired of crying, I wanted to smile
I wanted a child
I wanted a girl, I wanted the world
I wanna be lit
I wanted a bitch, I wanted a brick
My brother got hit
& I want em back, that shit hurt me bad, you don’t know the half
My mama was mad, the junkies was sad
My boy was the man
You knew who I was, you know who I am
You know what it is
You know how it go, you showed me dope
You showed me the field
I’m tired of the lies, I’m tired of the crying
That shit I despise
I’m banging the 6, so without the whip
I be rolling like tires
You know I ain’t lying, you know I ain’t trying
You know I ain’t hiding
I’m probably high, somewhere in the sky
Bitch you know the vibe
You know I’m on dope, I got no one on my side
You know I don’t be riding with niggas
I feel like a pope, one of the finest
I got the mind of a scientist nigga
Whole lot of hope, feel like I can cover my eyes & lead the blind for niggas
I could of went broke, niggas thought I was a joke
I was out here designing niggas
I’m one of a kind, I’m one of a kind
I’m all alone, them niggas some clones
I went in the streets, I made it back home
That made me strong
My heart cold, my shit froze, my love gone
I’m home alone
Give Macaulay Culkin, a call
On the phone
I’m rocking clothes that ain’t in stores
Always new VLONE
I done made it off the block dawg, I could be home
I finally knocked it out the park, that shit took me home
I damn near vacant my spot, cause I do be gone
I’m trying to make it to the top, why do it be long
I’m tired of losing my patnas, I’m a crying victim
I’m tired of telling my niggas wait, cause the time ticking
It’s ironic my eyes on the benjis, Im trying to get it
Nigga don’t mind them bitches
And I got to stay independent, it’s realer
Nobody signed a nigga
I grinded, man I grinded nigga
All about my cake, and it ain’t no pie in a nigga
I’m fiving niggas, flyer than niggas
Told you already I’m higher than niggas
What is a joke
Man you know I’m on dope, you know I don’t be round them niggas
You know know how it go
You know these niggas be hoes, & these hoes be lying to niggas
You know I’m the goat
Still trying to get in the door, I ain’t going for that bullshit no more
Sold out of shows, 12 million sold
That wasn’t the goal
But I [] if you can’t handle it, we trying to get it & gone
Fendi got fur on my animal, you can see it on my coat
Jerry Larenzo clothes, caught the drip no pose
Hide ya bitch I’m home, hide ya bitch I’m home
Hide ya bitch I’m home
Jerry Larenzo clothes, Jerry Larenzo clothes
Hide ya bitch I’m home
Caught the drop no pose

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