About Us

About Us

  • Is a fresh mixtape and album site that prides itself by being different from any other mixtape and album site in the world.
  • Not only by design, the functionality in which makes downloads or usage the easiest in the world,
  • or organization for that matter; but the fact that it is created by mixtape and album and artists who knows

  • the mixtape industry and therefore also knows what is best for the artist.

  • Where other sites operate with big ego's, we operate with modesty (self-contradicting statement?) and put the artist in focus.
  • Our main goal is actually to help the independent artist in the best way possible.
  • NOT to make money, even though that's an essential part of a job. NOT to become superstars, even though
  • becoming known is an essential part of reaching an audience. But to help.

  • So how exactly does a modest group of people reach hip-hop fans?
  • How do we make a difference?
  • Like mentioned; we've made it extremely easy to download our free material.
  • I.e: If you spot a desirable mixtape on our front page, you're just two clicks away from downloading it DIRECTLY to your hard disk.
  • One click to enter the mixtape's page. One click on the ''download'' button The tape is yours.

  • In addition to downloading mixtape and album, you'll find it just as easy to download separated/single tracks as we have
  • a great way for simple and free streaming of all of the tracks that each mixtape and album contains.
  • A new edition to the site is independent artists can now link there sites which will show up on any of there mixtape pages
  • or artist profile. We also have music videos and other stuff that makes the connection between the fan and the artist
  • even greater, which furthers showcasing of music to thousands of hungry hip-hop,pop,rock,.. fans.

  • TO SUM IT ALL UP: We provide quality services and REAL opportunities for the independent artist,
  • as well as easily supplying the fans with great music.

  • We have a lot more in store, and more innovative and major market changing ideas planned for the future,
  • which will help the artist further in reaching their goals. Join us now and make sure to take full advantage of our current services.

Thanks from all the Team

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